Happy end-of-month day in Thailand.

Today I have a call from IT company.They invite me to interview for Marketing Manager position. Sound good,but I miss 1 qualification " CAR " They told me this position require own transport , and I haven't.Let it be.

My friend persuade me to go to USA , easy for her.Teenage girl (I'm not sure for age) can go there by Au Pair ,to be a baby sitter. (the boy can join this project ,but it's quite hard to find host,so agencies in Thailand will accept only female.

Back on track , you have a job,you have a money.Have you ever worked in stupid company(actually just annoying hierarchy) How do you feel when you have to do your job even if it's stupid and boring.You know more how to do the better.BUT you have to do by order.
By the way,I need a job, Sales Insurrance or whatever I can do.

No shortcut for Success.

Tips for Lottery 2:56