What is this Web 2.0?

What is this Web 2.0?
Tell me, how would you feel if you were offered$1.5 BillionbyGoogleto sellyour website?
Would you be dazed? Gob smacked? Jumping for joy?Well, this might well have been the reaction of the creators ofYouTube, whenthey were approached with this simply irresistible offer from the search enginegiant, a few months ago.
STOP! Have you ever wonderedwhyYou Tube was offered a bucketload ofcash?
After all, it's just like any other site, right?
WRONG. You see, YouTube is 'special' for one very simple reason…..itserves as a fine example for the latest rage in online marketing circles - 'Web2.0 websites.'
And if you're wondering if this is just another here-today-gone-tomorrow type of technology, then you're in for a surprise.
Many internet marketers arealready predicting that this is one fad that's here to stay!
So what do you mean by 'Web 2.0' anyway?
Well, to put it in a nutshell:Web2can be defined as a second generation of websites that utilize latesttechnologies such as
AJAX, Social Bookmarking and Tagging, and focus moreon the user, enabling them to 'mould' the website around them.

Web 2.0 is fast becomingthehottest term for 2007 and many folks arescrambling to cash in on this online phenomenon. It's that powerful!
But here's a shocking fact for you:
According to arecent articlefeatured inpopular online research site http://clickz.com, only 21.5% of internet marketers actually know what Web 2.0 really means.
Now here's a piece of great news: you too can finally join the elite 7% who're successfully applying Web 2.0 techniques and strategies on theirwebsites to generate a ton of traffic and profits!
Well, so what are you waiting for?
Go ahead, shut yourself in your room, graba cup of coffee and settle down for an interesting and absorbing read!To your certain success!