How To Upload Your Video Clip To Google Video

Now going to take you through the steps to uploading your video. You might want to pay close attention, because this can get somewhat complicated!
Step 1: Log in to your account at
Step 2: Click on the button ‘Uploaded Videos.’ (You’ll find it in the upper tophalf of the Google Video’s Home Page.
Step 3: Next, head over to ‘Upload Video’ which is included in the prominentpurple bar, just beneath the ‘reports’ tab.
Step 4: Now select the option ‘Desktop Uploader,’ and then choose ‘LearnMore.’
Step 5: Thereafter, depending on the type of your operating system, you wantto go for the most suitable and appropriate ‘Install’ option.
Step 6: Then, when prompted, choose the ‘Run’ button.
Step 7: Next, just follow the instructions to fully install the Video Uploader.
Step 8: Alright, at this point, the Video Uploader will have opened; otherwise,you’ll need to open it yourself.
Step 9: Log in with your account info.
Step 10: Click on the button ‘Add.’
Step 11: Select the video clip you wish to upload and then click ‘Open.’
Step 12: Next, you want to make sure you tick the box to agree to Google’s‘Terms of Service.’
Step 13: Choose the ‘Upload now’ button to upload your video to Google.
Step 14: Now simply sit back and relax while your video is being uploaded!
Step 15: Ok, once the process is completed, open up your web browser and goto your Google video account once again. After logging in, click on the button‘Video Status,’ which is right beneath the ‘videos’ tab.
Step 16: You’ll then be able to view the video you just uploaded. Next, pointyour mouse to the ‘Add Information’ button.
Step 17: Write out a couple lines about your video (including many targetedkeywords) in the title box.
Step 18: As for the description of your video clip, well, make sure you writeout a brief, yet impressive paragraph!
Step 19: Alright, you’re just moments away from the finish line! What youwant to do now, is to simply check the ‘Certify’ box.
Step 20: Next, choose ‘English’ as the ideal language option.
Step 21: You’ll now be given options for classifying your video
Step 22: In the URL line, add the address of your website or affiliate link.
Step 23: And, inn the box marked ‘Full Name,’ type out a keyword that bestdescribes your video.
Step 24: As for the field titled ‘Role,’ well, you’ll need to enter a different termabout the video.
Step 25: Finally, click on the tab ‘Save Information.’ There…’ve nowuploaded a video clip to Google Video!