How To Promote Your Online Videos

How To Promote Your Online Videos

OK, now that you’ve finally uploaded your video on Google Video and otherpopular video-sharing sites, it’s time to send some targeted traffic to youronline videos…..

And I’m going to show you 4 great strategies that will send a stampede ofvisitors to your videos within days or sometimes even hours. Guaranteed.Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and dive right in!

Strategy # 1:Leave intelligent comments on high-traffic blogs/forums
This simple, yet amazingly powerful technique can greatly increase the numberof hits your videos generates, so you might want to put this at the top of the list.And, we all know that more traffic to your videos = more exposure for yourwebsite, don’t we?

So here’s how you implement this technique:
-First, you want to make a list of blogs/forums that come under the targetmarket of your video.
-Next, spend time to read through the latest posts and see where you canfit in a useful comment on the article in question.
-Now when typing a comment, you need to make sure it’s brief, yetrelevant and informative. Then, insert your bio, along with the link toyour video.

Strategy # 2:Utilize the power of a simple Press Release
Submitting a well-written press release is a terrific way to promote your video!Investing a mere $80 at No.1 choice of mostinternet marketers), can not only send tons of targeted traffic to your video +your website, but also generate plenty of one-way incoming links to your site.
(This will help increase your rank in search engine results).So go ahead and write up an informative and compelling press release. (Don’tforget to insert links to your video in it!)

Strategy # 3:Ensure that your videos are search engine-friendly
Here are some tips on VSEO or video search engine optimization:Include plenty of targeted keywords in your title description.Make sure you use Meta data.It’s also a good idea to end your video clip with a catchphrase such as‘why not forward this to a friend if you enjoyed watching it!’ orsomething like that.Remember to encode multiple file types.
Finally, you need to submit the url of your video for indexing.